Dean Certifications and Background Checks

There are typically two types of requests for histories that Community Standards receives: Dean Certifications (transfers, graduate school) and Background Checks. Typically, because our student conduct system is designed to be educational rather than punitive, it is our practice to comment on student conduct only if the student is actively suspended or has been expelled.

Read our Dean Certification FAQ for more detailed information.

Government agencies conducting background checks will receive the entire student conduct history. If the individual and/or agency requesting the information needs all of the student's conduct history, this must be clearly articulated in the request.

If you are a student or former student:

  • You must provide us with a completed and signed dean certification form(s) well in advance of your deadline. Forms will not be completed immediately. Forms will be available for pick-up or mailed five business days after the form is delivered to Community Standards. Incomplete requests will not be processed.
  • In lieu of a form, you can provide a letter that includes the following:
    • A signed FERPA Release, which will include:
      • Your full name as it was while you were a student at the University of Connecticut
      • Your student ID number and/or date of birth
      • Your current mailing address and phone number
      • The names and addresses of the schools or institutions to which you want your conduct information mailed

For background checks, if you are with a government agency or if you are a private contractor:

  • We will not be able to provide you with information immediately.
  • You will need to leave your paperwork/forms with Community Standards along with your business card. You will be called back with the results when they are ready. This will not be the same business day and could take at least a week.
  • Whether you notify us of your request via telephone, fax or by visiting our office in person, you need to choose one method of obtaining this information and remain consistent. For example, if you must make personal contact with our office, do not also fax or call our office. Multiple requests for the same information causes delays.