Dean Certification FAQ

What is a Dean Certification?

A  Dean Certification is a letter from the undergraduate institution that details the applicant’s disciplinary/conduct record, if any.  Requests for dean certifications are received by the Office of Community Standards from current and former students and entities such as colleges and universities that current or former students want to transfer to or apply to.  Several forms constitute a dean certification such as Common Application college reports, certifications, transfer college reports, character reference forms, and background check forms.

What is a Disciplinary/Conduct Record? 

What is a Disciplinary/Conduct Record?

Students found responsible for violating The Student Code have student disciplinary/conduct records maintained by the Office of Community Standards at the University of Connecticut. This includes all violations of The Student Code, including academic misconduct and violations of the housing contract.

What is included in a Disciplinary/Conduct Record?

Students found responsible for violating The Student Code have individual files pertaining to each incident related to the violation of The Student Code. The files include information regarding the incident, description of the incident and information regarding the university’s response to the incident, which can include official university correspondence regarding meetings and decisions made in the case(s).

Are Disciplinary/Conduct Records included in transcripts?  

Disciplinary/conduct records are separate from transcripts. If a student is currently suspended or expelled, this is noted on their transcript. All other information regarding disciplinary/conduct records will be maintained separately from transcripts.


Which office completes Dean Certifications?

The Office of Community Standards at the University of Connecticut, 233 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4119, Storrs, CT 06269-4119.


Is there a Dean Certification processing fee?


How can you request that the Office of Community Standards complete a Dean Certification, Transfer College Report, background check, etc.?

Email requests to  Most entities - colleges, universities, etc. have their own dean certification form that they want completed so be sure to check the websites of the entities you want to transfer to or apply to and download their form.  Be sure to complete the applicant section of the form, sign and date the form, and include the email or mailing address of where you want the completed form sent to with your request.  Incomplete requests are returned to the student for completion and will cause delays in processing. When the Office of Community Standards receives a certification form we will check to see if any of the questions are regarding academic history such as confirmation of the applicant’s grade point average, class rank, etc.  If so, we will send the forms to the Registrar’s office for completion of academic questions and they will return the forms to our office with an enrollment verification, which verifies that you were an enrolled student at the university.  When we receive the form back from the Registrar’s office, we will complete the disciplinary questions on the form, and email the form to the entity you requested.  Please note, that this process could take up to 5 business days to complete so be sure that you allow enough time for these forms to be processed.

If the entity does not have their own dean certification form, you can complete a FERPA Release.pdf and email that form to If you need a dean certification for more than one entity, you must list each entity or school with their email or mailing addresses on the FERPA release form. 

If a government agency wishes to submit a background check on a current or former student, they should email the paperwork with a signed release to  Requests can be faxed to 860-486-8409 as well.  Please note that we cannot fax a response back to you, it must be given via phone or email so be sure to include a telephone number or email address with all background check requests.

Once I give permission, what Information is disclosed regarding my disciplinary/conduct record?

The student conduct system is designed to be educational rather than punitive, and as such, it is our practice to comment on student conduct only if the student is actively suspended or has been expelled.  Some entities want to know all violations of The Student Code a student has been found responsible for, regardless of the sanctions. Other entities may only request to know if a student was found responsible for violations that resulted in a particular response from the university such as disciplinary probation, suspension or expulsion.  Any other sanctions such as a warning or university probation will not be released unless that is clearly articulated in the request. Some instances of when conduct history is released is a request from a government agency or the Bar Association. The Office of Community Standards’ staff may reach out to the student to determine what disciplinary/conduct information should be released.

If I have a disciplinary/conduct record at the University of Connecticut, what happens after the Office of Community Standards checks the affirmative boxes on the certification forms?

For any affirmative responses to disciplinary questions, the Office of Community Standards will provide a dean certification letter of explanation of our policy to accompany the form. If the student has given us specific permission to release their disciplinary/conduct history, the entity will be provided with the student’s case history. If the entity you are seeking to apply to or transfer to has questions about gaps in your enrollment, they should contact you directly for further explanation.


How will Dean Certifications be sent to the entities?

Forms will be emailed or mailed via the U.S. Postal Service. Students must provide the email or mailing address of the entity they want the certification emailed or mailed to. Completed forms cannot be faxed at this time.

How Can I View My Disciplinary/Conduct Record?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, disciplinary/conduct records are not available for in-person review as the office staff are all working remotely. However, a student or former student can request a case summary of their incident(s) by e-mailing  It’s preferred to receive requests through the official University of Connecticut student e-mail account. However should a former student no longer have access to that email account, the Office of Community Standards will request identifying information from the former student. The Office of Community Standards will be limited in what can be disclosed via e-mail, but can share any official university correspondence the student may have received regarding a case. Please note that the case summary will be redacted to remove any other student names.

The Office of Community Standards reserves the right to refer parties requesting student records to the Office of The Attorney General or the Public Records Office. A formal request for records can be done so at:

Who Can Access the Information in My Disciplinary/Conduct Record?

Your disciplinary/conduct record is protected by the Family Education Rights and Protections Act (FERPA). Our office cannot disclose information regarding your disciplinary/conduct record to those who do not have an educational need-to-know (university officials or others who have been deemed appropriate to share information with) without your permission. Permission for receiving or viewing information regarding your disciplinary/conduct record must be given to the Office of Community Standards at the University of Connecticut before we will disclose information. Permission must be given through (1) of (2) ways:

  • Obtain and complete a FERPA Release.pdf and email to
  • Submit a dean certification or other disciplinary/conduct record request form to the Office of Community Standards with your (the Applicant’s) portion completed and a handwritten/electronic signature indicating you give permission to the entity to view or receive your disciplinary/conduct record. Forms will not be completed immediately and must be provided well in advance of the deadline.

The entity to which I am applying claims that the Dean Certification form did not arrive. What should I do?

Remember that often there are significant delays in Admissions office’s processing of the forms after they receive it. You should contact each individual entity to verify that they have (or have not) received your forms before contacting the Office of Community Standards again. It is very important that you allow sufficient time for processing AND mailing. Many of the forms have a section that requires completion by both the Registrar’s office and the Office of Community Standards.  Neither the Office of Community Standards nor the Registrar’s Office will be responsible for delays or misdirection in mailing caused by the U.S. Postal Service or other mailing services. It is more efficient for our office to email the certification forms to the entities and we are happy to do so if you provide us with the entities’ correct email address.

If I want to check the status of my Dean Certification forms, whom do I contact?

Please allow 10 business days after submitting your request for dean certification before contacting the Office of Community Standards. The most efficient way to contact the office is via email    Please provide your full name as it was while attending the University of Connecticut, Student ID number (7 digit Peoplesoft number), telephone number and/or email address when making inquiries.