Hazing Policy

Hazing Policy

Hazing, defined as any activity without reasonable or legitimate educational value expected of someone for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a group or organization that humiliates, degrades or risks emotional, psychological, and/or physical harm, regardless of a person’s willingness to participate.


In cases of individual violators, appropriate disciplinary action may be imposed as outlined in the Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code. In cases where organizations have authorized such conduct, loss of privileges, temporary suspension of registration, or rescission or termination of registration may be imposed. Such penalties shall be in addition to any penalties pursuant to the penal law (Public Act Number 88-328) which violator or organization may be subject.


If you feel you have been hazed or harmed, or you have seen or know of a hazing/harmful incident, you are encouraged to report the incident using our online form.

Report Hazing