Good Samaritan Statement

The expectation of the University of Connecticut is that all community members will advocate for the safety of others. Students are expected to seek immediate medical assistance for themselves or others when necessary. The act of calling for medical assistance for the aid of another person falls within the spirit of the University Creed. Accessing medical assistance for a person suffering from over-consumption of alcohol and/or drugs must be the first priority over any other consideration.

A student's seeking of medical assistance will be considered a favorable factor by Community Standards in an effort to promote responsible student behavior and respect for the health and welfare of all members of the University. Community Standards will consider whether a student sought medical assistance for a person in need and in most cases view the act of seeking medical assistance as good judgment as well as not deserving of sanctioning. This does not excuse or protect those who flagrantly or repeatedly violate the Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code. This Good Samaritan statement applies to straightforward cases of alcohol or drug over-consumption only. If other infractions occur including but not limited to, destruction to the University community, assault, or property damage, then this statement does not apply. To decrease the likelihood of future occurrences, follow-up evaluation for the involved parties will be conducted to determine appropriate measures to prevent future occurrences.