Student Behavior

Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code speaks to what we want to be as well as how we want to interact with each other within our campus community.

Making a commitment to uphold community ideals such as honesty, fair play, and personal accountability calls for self-restraint and the courage to trust. The more we know that each of us will voluntarily honor the basic tenets of this code, the more that each of us will be able to pursue our full potential. Ironically, when we willingly govern ourselves, we have more freedom, not less.

During your tenure at the University of Connecticut, you will be presented with countless opportunities to promote the values expressed in this code. How you respond will be your choice. However, please remember that the decisions you make may have an impact on the overall health of our community, and, ultimately, on the quality of your own experience.

For The Student Code to be meaningful, all members of the UConn community must embrace, share and reflect the values expressed in the code. Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code relies upon student input and participation to keep it fresh and relevant. As a student, it is up to you to breathe life into this code. It is up to you to measure its worth in human terms and in everyday events.