Welcome to the Office of Community Standards

Vision Statement:

Establish an intercultural, academic community that engages in civility, approaches learning with the spirit of inquiry, promotes personal growth and engagement, and embraces responsibility for the health and safety of all members.

Mission Statement:

To facilitate individual student success through an ethic of care while maintaining a safe and productive community.

Learning Outcomes*:

As a result of going through the conduct process, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the philosophy and the purpose of The Student Code
  2. Articulate the impact of their decision-making on themselves and the community
  3. Articulate ways they can continue and/or develop positive contributions to the University community
  4. Identify ways to address their behavior so that it does not negatively impact the community in the future

*While our process is an educational one and we hope to engage students in the learning process, there are certain behaviors (http://community.uconn.edu/possible-sanctions/) that will lead to a separation from the University.

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