Parents & Families

Dear Parents and Families,

Community Standards values the role you play in the life of your student and your ability to contribute positively to his/her success at the University of Connecticut. We have been entrusted with the responsibility of managing Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code. Parents and family members often journey with their students through this process and we welcome this support for students.

You will find helpful information throughout our website. Below is some specific information for parents and family members:

  • The student conduct process is not like the criminal or civil court system. It is an administrative, educational process used to resolve complaints in our University community, both on and off campus (see more about jurisdiction). There are different ways in which complaints can be resolved and Community Standards staff will work with students in an effort to balance both the individual and community needs in resolving complaints. You can read more about our process and expectations in Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code.
  • Our sanctions (the response when a student violates The Student Code) are designed to address behavior that is inconsistent with the expectations of the University and to actively encourage students to modify this behavior and to positively engage at the University. Obviously, there are some behaviors that are so egregious a student may be suspended or expelled. You can read about the possible sanctions in "Student Behavior."
  • As parents and family members, you will not typically be notified of any allegations or disciplinary actions taken with your students. Community Standards will notify in writing parents/guardians of students less than 21 years of age (at the time of notification) when a student is found responsible for violations of the University's alcohol and/or drug policies. Learn more about the Parental Notification Policy.
  • In addition to the parental notification letter, Community Standards can speak to a parent or family member about a student’s student conduct matters if that student has designated his/her parent or family member as a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Designee for Community Standards (See more about FERPA). We will also contact a student’s parent or guardian in a health and safety emergency if we believe the student is a threat to themselves or others. Even if parents or family members are not designated for Community Standards to share student conduct information, our office can answer general questions about the student conduct process.

We hope that you and your student enjoy their educational experience at the University of Connecticut. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 860-486-8402 or