To File An Appeal

For Administrative Hearings Only (Administrative Agreements/Case Resolution Forms cannot be appealed):

1. A decision reached through the administrative hearing process may be appealed by the respondent(s) or complainant(s) to the next level of student conduct authority within five (5) business days of the decision. All appeals shall be in writing and shall be delivered to the designated appellate body via the mechanism identified by Community Standards. The decision reached as a result of an administrative conference may not be appealed.

2. Except as required to explain the basis of new information, an appeal shall be limited to a review of the student case file. The audio recording of the administrative hearing shall be available for the appellate body for review as necessary. The review shall be for one or more of the following purposes:

a. To determine whether the administrative hearing was conducted in conformity with prescribed procedures giving the complainant and investigating student conduct officer a reasonable opportunity to prepare and to present information that The Student Code was violated, and giving the respondent a reasonable opportunity to prepare and to present a response to those allegations.

b. To determine whether the sanction(s) imposed were appropriate for the violation(s) of The Student Code which the student was found responsible.

c. To consider new information, sufficient to alter a decision, or other relevant facts not brought out in the original hearing, because such information and/or facts were not known to the person appealing at the time of the original administrative hearing.

3. If an appeal is granted by the appellate body, the matter shall either be referred to the original hearing body for re-opening of the administrative hearing to allow reconsideration of the original determination or the appellate body will determine any change in sanctions. If an appeal is denied, the matter shall be considered final and binding upon all involved.

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