The University of Connecticut seeks to balance the needs and the rights of the individual with the welfare of the community as a whole. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the values embraced by the University community and reflected in its various policies, contracts, rules and regulations, including those contained herein.

This document is intended to describe the types of acts that are not acceptable in an academic community as well as the general process by which they will be addressed (including the types of sanctions that may be imposed). Procedural rules consistent with the provisions of this code will be developed as necessary from time to time so that fundamental fairness may prevail.

Students do not lose their rights as citizens of or visitors in this country when they become members of the University community. Conversely, they do not shed their responsibilities. For example, the University supports a student’s freedom of expression and expects that freedom to be exercised by the student in a manner that does not violate the law or University policy.

Maintaining a balance between the individual and the community is a continual process that requires insight, sensitivity, and diligence on the part of each member of the University. Students are encouraged to become involved in University programs and services that promote this effort. For more information on these and other opportunities, please contact Community Standards.